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Anchorage, AK



Do you live in an igloo?


Can you see Russia from your house? Have you ever seen a bear? The list goes on and on. Hi! I'm Salena Strate and believe me the questions start pouring in as soon as you say the words "I live in Alaska."

Growing up in small town Kansas, you had to be creative to make anything happen. I found the same mentality in Alaska. If we are shooting in a rural location my job is to assist the director in anything he/she needs. Sometimes it's casting 100 college students or sourcing yellow kayaks or shipping 700 concert slap bracelets to a rural Alaska village in a couple days. A good producer is resourceful and constantly problem solves. If anyone ever asks, yes, I love my job and I knew my entire life I would be doing what I love.

Education: BA from Kansas State University

Skills: Broadcast Production, Project Management, Workamajig Expert, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Production Design, Print Production Management. All phases of production as an agency producer and line producer through post production to final produced spots.

Clients include: Under Armour, Sara Bareilles, Extreme Gate Productions, NYC PD, TSA, Federal Reserve Bank, BP, McDonalds, GCI, Alyeska Resort,  University of Alaska Anchorage, Northrim Bank, Midas, CIRI Tourism and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.